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This site includes nearly 6000 specimens, which were compiled from a number of sources, here listed in no particular order.

  • The collections in L made by Hennipman, De Joncheere, De Vogel and Van Balgooy during the 1979 expedition to Celebes. The identifications were mainly by Hovenkamp and De Joncheere, and the list was compiled from the identification lists and an extra set of labels kept at L.
  • The collections in BM made by Alston in 1954, and Jermy and Walker in 1969. The identifications are mainly by Hovenkamp, for which the support of┬áSYNTHESYS (Application GB-TAF-4095) and the hospitality at BM is gratefully acknowledged.
  • Collections by D. Cicuzza and J. Kluge made during the STORMA-project. Identifications are by Alan Smith and D. Cicuzza, and the list has been compiled from lists provided by D. Cicuzza and J. Kluge.
  • A database of specimens compiled by Josephine Camus, held in BM.
  • Collections listed in Identification lists kept in L, chiefly for the collections by Eyma in 1937 and 1938. The identifiers were not recorded.
  • An anonymous manuscript list of specimens kept in the library at L, probably listing the specimens present in BO around 1950. The identifiers were not recorded.
  • The specimens listed in Christ's publications on the flora of Celebes (Christ 1895,1898, 1904). These publication list collections by Warburg, Koorders, and notably, the Sarasins. Identifications are by Christ.
  • Specimens listed in several other publications, mainly the two by Christensen (Christensen, 1922; Kjellberg & Christensen, 1934), dealing with the collections by Kaudern and Kjellberg, with identifications by Christensen.
  • Revisions published in Flora Malesiana, and associated identification lists (where available).
  • Specimen lists compiled by Hovenkamp during work on Arthropteris, Nephrolepis and Oleandra.
  • Various other collections in L, but as yet no systematic search was made for all collections from Celebes.

For the specimen records, institutes are listed for the specimens of which the presence has been recently verified.


The identifications have not been revised for many of the older records, nor has the existence of these specimens been verified. We hve made no attempts to align the various taxonomic concepts used in the lists. We also have been reluctant to assign current names to literature records without actually confirmating the identity by inspection of the specimen. Some of the older identifications, most notably those by Christ of the Sarasin collections, should be revised and updated to current classifications.

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