About this website and how you can contribute

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The ferns of Sulawesi project aims to produce a checklist of the ferns occurring on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi.

Although Sulawesi is a part of one of the recognized hot spots of biodiversity, the number of collections of herbaceous plants deposited in international herbaria is low. By bringing together all available information, we aim to extend the knowledge of the fern flora of this island among botanists, conservation biologist and organizations for conservation biology.   

How you can contribute:

  • You can provide identifications for the specimens on the website.
  • You can contribute new specimens to the website.
  • You can contribute to our knowledge of the taxonomy of the species
  • You can provide photographs illustrating the species
  • ...

If you have any information to add or contribute to this website, you can join the project.  Click on "login"  in the upper right corner of the main screen, register as a new user and fill in the fields. Depending on what you enter in the field " How do you want to contribute?" we will register you as a user of the website with the authorization that you need to contribute your data.

If you do not want to join the project, we will be happy to receive your contributions by e-mail and we will then try to upload them as well as we can.

If you have long lists of data to upload or modify, and if you are unfamiliar with the facilities of Scratchpads for bulk import, we are also prepared to help you.

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